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Halloween is a time of celebration between fall and winter, life and death. This holiday is related to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear special costumes to ward off ghosts Celts believed that on this night the boundry between the worlds of the living and death become destroyed. Nowadays Halloween become very famous. People are organizing parties, carving pumpkins that face on it, lighting bonfires, telling scary stories, playing games like trick or treat. On 28 October we also did our Halloween party in Qafqaz University with our B1-6 group.

At first, our group mate Aynura made special make up for each person. Her works were so great that we looked like a real monsters. That’s why we named this party “Fearful day”.

     At the beginning of our “Fearful day” there was a presentation part. The presentation was about history and customs of Halloween. Some of group mates took video materials about this holiday too.

     After the presentation there was a dancing part of the party. All group mates participated in the dancing part. There were mixture of Azeri and foreign songs. It made us feel how the both cultures are great.

In my view the role play part was the main part of the day. The name of role play was “Ghost teachers”. This project was made especially for our teachers. It was about bored students and their fearful experiment of calling ghosts. I hope they will never try it again.

     At the end, we played a special game called Tabu. It was so interesting for me, because I saw this game at the first time. The object of the game is showing the thing without speaking and the others must guess what it is.

     To sum up, I want to say that it was the best Halloween party in my life. I think our unity made this party so colorful. I hope that we will celebrate other holidays like a family too.



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