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On June 29th-30th, the experience tournament was organized with the organization of the Qafqaz University DebateClub.In the experience tournament, the team including NaileSeyidova and GulchohraHemidova won the final. Moreover, NaileSeyidova was chosen as the best speaker of this tournament. After that, students celebrated this by cutting the cake. Next, GulcohreHemidova won the best speaker in the internal  tour on November 20th . In addition, Gulcohre and Naile will represent the our university in Baku Youth  Form of Debate. Naile: When I participated in the discussion I just wanted to learn. But it was so, I went ahead and I was appreciatd.Debate is improving my speaking,and information.Additionally, I got to know the young people of my university and got new friendships. I can say that, debate is frendship too read more »

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Chess Competition

Chess competition was held among the students as well. Winners of tournament: 1 PLACE VALİ ZEYNALZADA 2 PLACE MİRCALAL HASİMLİ 3 PLAVE FATİMA NASİBOVA These days TABLE TENNIS competition will be held. read more »

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Football competition

Each year sports department of Qafqaz  University organizes competitions among preparation classes. Firstly from 15th of October students’ mini football tournament was started. There were 35 preparation classes. It was held as a tournament play system (the lost team should leave the competition). At the end of intense competition state and municipal, a1-6, b1-6 and b1-4 teams were elected. So in the final game A1-6 and B-1 classes will show their strength. read more »

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Səma Rəhimova

Səma Rəhimova 1998-ci il 20 İyul tarixində NMR-nın Ordubad şəhərində anadan olub. Hal-hazırda Qafqaz Universitetinin 1-ci kurs tələbəsidir. Kiçik yaşlarından rəsm qabiliyyəti olan Səma vaxt keçdikcə bu istedadı üzərində çalışmış və qabiliyyətini təkmilləşdirməyə nail olmuşdur. Bir çox rəsm sərgilərinə qatılmış, öz əsərlərini nümayiş etdirmiş və sertifikatlara layiq görülmüşdür.    read more »

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A meeting about the International Day of Tolerance

16 November - International Day of Tolerance was held at Qafqaz University. As well as “Azerbaijan multiculturalism” Science and Education Center was opened. Qafqaz University’s rector Prof. Havar Mammadov in his speech mentioned that Haydar Aliyev always attached great importance to science, education and today his policy is continued by President Ilham Aliyev. Rector also reminded that 2016 has been declared as "the year of Multiculturalism" by Ilham Aliyev. Professor Havar Mammadov especially noted that in protection and promotion of multicultural traditions Heydar Aliyev Foundation has invaluable services. In the ceremony the state consultant of Azerbaijan Republic in multinational, multicultural and religious affairs, academic Kamal Abdullayev, Chairman of the Copyright Agency Kamran Imanov, deputy of minister of education Firudin Qurbanov, executive director of the International Centre for Multiculturalism Azad Mammadov, deputy of the State Committee for Work read more »

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Halloween is a time of celebration between fall and winter, life and death. This holiday is related to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear special costumes to ward off ghosts Celts believed that on this night the boundry between the worlds of the living and death become destroyed. Nowadays Halloween become very famous. People are organizing parties, carving pumpkins that face on it, lighting bonfires, telling scary stories, playing games like trick or treat. On 28 October we also did our Halloween party in Qafqaz University with our B1-6 group. At first, our group mate Aynura made special make up for each person. Her works were so great that we looked like a real monsters. That’s why we named this party “Fearful day”.      At the beginning of our “Fearful day” there was a presentation part. The presentation was about history and customs of Halloween. Some of group mates took video material read more »

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MIDTERM YAZILI İMTAHAN TARİXLƏRİ  VƏ SAATLARI (07-11 NOYABR) 08. 11.2016 – Reading and Writing Exam  - 1ci Növbə (A1-A2-B1) 09:00 – 09:15 – Müəllimlərlə akt zalında imtahan qabağı görüş. 09:20 – 10:30  Imtahan müddəti  (70 dəq - Reading -30 sual +Writing)   08. 11.2016 – Reading and Writing Exam  - 2ci Növbə (A1-A2-B1) 14:10 – 14:25- Müəllimlərlə akt zalında imtahan qabağı görüş. 14:30 – 15:40 - Imtahan müddəti  (70 dəq - Reading -30 sual +Writing)   10.11.2016 – Listening and Speaking Exam – 1ci Növbə  (A1-A2-B1) 10:55 – 11:10 Müəllimlərlə akt zalında imtahan qabağı görüş. 11: 15 – 12:10 Imtahan müddəti  (50 dəq- Listening – 10 sual – G &V )   10.11.2016 – Listening and Speaking Exam – 2ci Növbə  (A1-A2-B1) 16:05 – 16:20  Mü read more »

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This competition took place in 25 october. It lasted approximately one and half hour and B1-11 won against B1-10. First, there are 3 teams of each class, so there are 6 teams. In brief there were 29 players in the competition. There were some sections in the game. General knowledges, tongue twisters, write a poem and vocabulary. This is the sample of tongue twisters: "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked." Writing a poem was more enjoyable than the others. 4 similar words gave to each team and they should write a poem with good rhyme. Scoring system was so simple. Each team presented their bet and if they won the round, they gain this point. On the contrary, if they couldn't answer the question correctly, this point was deleted from their total points. We enjoyed a lot and hope that we will play this game again.       read more »

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National Flag Day

On 9th of November, Wednesday, our country will celebrate its National Flag Day. According to the order signed by the President of Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev in 2009, 9th of November was established as the National Flag Day in Azerbaijan. The Guinness World Records Organization confirmed on May 29, 2010 that the pole of the Azerbaijani state flag is the highest in the world. We congratulate the Azerbaijani nation on the occasion of the National Flag Day! Let our flag, being the symbol of the sovereignty and independence of the Azerbaijani nation, always wave in the sky of our country!  Note: According to the rule enacted by the government 9th of November, Wednesday, is accepted as a day-off. Because of that, on Wednesday there will not be a lesson at School of alanguages. read more »



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